Ottawa (Canada), Nov 21: A Canadian naval commander has told NHK his country will share information with other nations seeking to enforce UN sanctions on North Korea. Pyongyang is suspected of making illicit ship-to-ship transfers of goods on the East China Sea.
Commander Michael Stefanson of the frigate Winnipeg spoke in an online interview after completing a regional surveillance mission. Canada deployed the vessel and a monitoring helicopter from last month to Thursday.
UN Security Council sanctions on the North include a cap on imports of petroleum products, and a ban on coal exports. But Pyongyang has repeatedly evaded the restrictions through secret ship-to-ship transfers.
Stefanson said the East China Sea is a busy waterway, with many merchant and fishing vessels. He said it was difficult to distinguish between legal and illicit transfers.
The commander said his mission had witnessed a number of ship-to-ship transfers, and it would take time to analyze the nature of the activities.
Canada joined the maritime monitoring activities in 2018. Other participants include the United States and Japan.
Stefanson also affirmed Canada's continuing commitment to international efforts to maintain peace and stability in the Asia-Pacific region.
Source: NHK World